jeudi 11 décembre 2008

Discovery of the old perfume "Royal Flush" from Brocard

My last update of the blog was months ago. But I did not forget you. In the meantime I have been maitaining my main blog about "Sur les pas d'une collection". There I decided to baptize my modest collection of Aboriginal art painting. I was not an easy choice, but finaly, remembering the great art's collection of Henry Brocard in Moscow, I decided to give the name of "collection privée BROCARD II". A symbol, a memory of the past, and also a strong link with my own private history.

Perfume Royal Flush from BROCARD
About 1920, Paris
© Family Brocard.
Usage of the image under authorization

Clearly I will never compete with Henry Brocard in terms of collection. I have not the same resources. But that's really for me an invitation to develop a collection stressing one of the oldest nomad population on the planet, as the Aboriginal people of Australia.

Today, I would like to present to you, a small wonderful perfume bottle from the end of the Brocard perfume industry : "Royal Flush" prepared in Paris around 1920.
One of the best experience when you are discovering an old bottle of perfume, is to smell around the neck of it. And when you are able to open the bottle and to discover the real fragrance as this one, you are experimenting a great great moment in your life. Which is compensating the frustration I had months ago in front of this larger bottle of Royal Flush presented on the blog there.

I did not find this perfume recipe in potential archive. What a pity as I am not a nose, able to identify the complexity of the ingredients inside. But beleive me I am dreaming about... this perfume for women coming from the past.

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Anonyme a dit…

Bonjour Bertrand!
Est ravie du texte écrit et votre relation à l'objet! Bravo!!!
L'âme et l'amour se fait sentir dans vos mots. Merci!