dimanche 2 décembre 2007

Complex horses embroideries from Russian Empire time

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This is a nice embroiderie symbolizing two horses on a pillow. The work is very fine and coming also from the Russian period before the revolution. I am interested to know if this kind of design is related to a specific region in Russia.

The realization of this embroiderie on cotton can be from the late XVIIIe century to the XIXe or earlier, but I have no enough documentation to check it.

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Anonyme a dit…

This was not a pillow earlier, I think this was a towel.
Its origin from North or North-West of Russia.
Are you sure about the date? It seems to me(I am not shure), that it was embroidered later, than 18 century.
Best wishes,
tradtextil (http://tradtextil.livejournal.com )