dimanche 2 décembre 2007

Brocard perfume advertizing : end of the XIXe century

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A nice large advertizing (A4 format) from the Brocard perfume industry, with nice vivid colors even if this one is old, about the end XIXe century.
I am not able to understand the meaning of the text. We can be surprised to see the young men on the right drinking something on a poster related to the perfume.

As it is probably not vodka, the meaning is somewhere else. Probably in n old story in the Russian folklore...

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Anonyme a dit…

I'll translate (I'm from Russia, but even for me, It sounds quite weird):

Nation's Soap
Brocard & Co
In Moscow

Bertrand a dit…


Thanks a lot for your translation.
I agree it looks strange. Even if Brocard was the major and "unique" distributor at tis time for the soaps...


Anonyme a dit…

"National Soap", as one can clearly read in the graceful ad with the guys in the boat, is not surprising. Soap has been produced in a liquid form for centuries and carried about in vessels such as barrels, pails etc. This was common among soldiers, sailors, pioneers, etc. Solid bars were obtained by adding salt to the liquid soap, but this was a later step in the process of soap-making, intended to present soap in attractive shapes, like balls and cubes, for a more sophisticated market.
Keep up the good work about Brocard !