samedi 15 décembre 2007

Art Nouveau design and extravagant Russian invitation

This nice paper can be an invitation at the beginning of the century, in 1902, or the memory of an event concerning this wife and men ? Unfortunately I am not able to read it. In any case, the design is incredible with all those magnificent form of the "art nouveau" period.

The quality of the paper is also perfect which is great for such a souvenir of this time, after the revolution.
Somewhere, this is fantastic to imagine the common trend of the "art nouveau" style in whole Europe including Russia with some extravagances given by the tradition and the culture there.

We can observe there a real complexity of flowers, mix of colors, creativity in the way to present two old photographies.
The tree or something which is resembling, seems connected to a dream like a vivid vegetable.

If you are able to give us more information about, especially our Russian readers, do not hesitate. ;-)

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it is a menu - a list of food items/ dishes offered; no other information...