samedi 3 novembre 2007

Old Brocard perfume alambic

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What a strange alambic outside the house. It looks like a primitive one with all the different parts to freezen the liquid and split the different substances. I like the composition of the picture. Old wooden house, nice barrels...

The alambic looks curious as the first part of it, on the left looks so small. This normally the space where you are inserting the core of the plants to be distilled. So I can imaine that the large part of it can be inside the house, at a lower floor.

Another strange thing, are the different small pipes inserted at the middle of the "col de cygne". I know that closed to the plant of Brocard, some areas were dedicated to the culture of Reseda. Was this alambic distilling this famous plant ? A question which will not be probably solved.

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Dmitri aka Flacon007 a dit…

Hi, Bertrand,
did you receive my mail with link to the large picture of the flacon?
Best regards,

Anonyme a dit…

Hello Dmitri,

Thanks I received it with a great definition. I am preparing a post with it and more information if possible about this perfume, looking for additional informations.

How exiting are your pictures about Brocard on your blog.
Best regards,