mercredi 30 décembre 2009

Illegal use of the Brocard Perfume name for business purpose ?

© Monde des parfums : histoire des Brocard.
Plaque de verre.
Archive familiale.

Legal question. Do have some companies the right to use the name of a previous company without any connexion to it, in terms of history, family, or business, and with a large distance as 100 years ?

This question taps and disturb me as especially this company is also using the image of our old tri-grandfather Henri Brocard, and grandmother Charlotte Brocard, without respecting the image of somebody died more than 108 years ago ?

In my genealogy I did not inherit he name of Brocard, even if I have the feeling of a strong relationship with them in the perfume culture. So in terms of law it seems difficult to engage some legal action. But in our current family,  some Brocard's descendants having this patronym are also shocks but this inappropriate usage of the name, and indecent connexion to the former Brocard company before the Revolution. In a previous page, a "Brocard" company in Berlin used to publish a portrait of our ancestors on their website for business purpose.

We are looking for the respect of the memory of our ancestors, who lost their company in 1917 in Russia, due to the soviets...

In this rare picture coming from an old plate of glass with the picture in negative, you can observe an early picture in a family environement of Henri Brocard & Charlotte Brocard on the left side, and their first children Alexandre; Eugénie Brocard (future spouse of Georges Félix Ferrand).

jeudi 17 septembre 2009

Henri Brocard sculpture at the Tretyakov Gallery

This wood sculpture of Henri Brocard has been exhibited since a long time within the Tretyakov's Gallery. I really appreciate the quality of the execution, the soft impression in the eyes of Henri, concentrated in his passions : the perfume industry and the art in general.
The artist really succeed to capture that into this sculpture.

A part of the Brocard's collection was included into the Tekiakov gallery after it was nationalized by the soviets. It was concerning the Russian artistic objects previously presented into the Henri, then Charlotte Brocard Gallery.

That's impressive for us today, to imagine Henri welcoming you into this museum of another well-knowned Pavel Tretyakov's collector of the mid XIXe century.

lundi 5 janvier 2009

Exhibition at the Pushkin Museum: Brocard collection

Ancienne collection BROCARD, Moscou.
Fuite en Egypte, anonyme, XVe siècle.

Considering the current exhibition about the Brocard collection, organized by the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, I would like to share with you additional paintings. The rest of the text is in french and you find additional pictures or comment, by clicking on he last link of this post.

If you have the chance to visit this exibition in Moscow, thanks for your comment and picture.

Mes sentiments sont partagés aujourd'hui. Les quelques tableaux que vous allez voir ci-dessous ont été nationalisés en 1917, à l'occasion de la Révolution Russe. Ces photos sont rares. Elle ne figurent pas sur le web et ne sont pas accessibles au public.

Cet homme a beaucoup marqué la famille. Il fonda la parfumerie Brocard en 1864 à Moscou, qui devint le leader mondial des produits de beauté en 1913*. Et il se passionna en même temps pour le monde de l'art, disposant de moyens considérables à l'époque.

Ancienne collection BROCARD, Moscou.
descente de la Croix, XVIe siècle.

Sa collection comportait plus de 3000 tableaux des primitifs flamands aux oeuvres européennes du XVIIIe siècle. Et plus de 7000 objets d'art très diversifiés, des étoffes à la porcelaine fine, sans oublier le mobilier russe du XVIIe et XVIIIe siècle.

The full text and other picture are visible on this blog.