jeudi 11 décembre 2008

Rarety of the soap formula Mai Fleuri from Brocard perfume

Formula of soap "Mai Fleuri". About 1902.
© Family Brocard.
Usage of the image under authorization

I was presenting last year the soap "Mai Embaumé" from Brocard perfume industry. Today I was looking for the ingredients used for this formula, but unfortunately I did not get the same soap. Probably something which is closed to "Mai Embaumé", and can give you an idea of the bouquet of it with the components of the soap "Mai Fleuri".

That's really a rarety to found today a full formula of a perfume or soap dating from one century ago. The Brocard industry created by Henri Brocard in 1864 within Moscow, based its first years of business on the soap market. It was a revolution in Russia at this time, as Brocard thanks to very low price for the soap, contributed to democratize it within the whole Russian Empire.

Henry Brocard started his fortune with this basic products, introducing marketing mid of the XIXe century, offering within the package some drawings, developing special boxes for soap, and enriching the smell of them with more than 50 different formulas : Mai Fleuri, Heliotrop, Lilas, Musc, Russian Leather, etc.
Later, he was developping the true perfume industry in Russia, becoming the largest company in the World in 1913 (new book on "history of the beauty" in preparation for 2009 by the Harvard university).

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