mardi 11 mars 2008

A great Russian embriodery from the Brocard collection

© Family Brocard.
Usage of the image under authorization

I would like to share with you this nice embroidery, collected by the Brocard family probably around 1870 in Russia. The Brocard's marketing was really impacting the culture of embroidery making in Russia by inserying in each packaging new enthousiatic design patterns.

All families were trying to produce those designs into the private producting durably influencing the creativity in this kind a hand made art in the whole old Russian Empire.

This exemple is really characteristic with a great mix of white cotton and colored silk and symbolic myths around birds, othodox church, and men trying to convert other to the religion.
This nice and rare work was probably sed into a church. Although its age, this piece of embroidery is really in great condition, emphazing the large perimeter of what Henri Brocard was collecting at this time, from the flemish primitive paintings to the old russian traditionnal objects and memories.

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Anonyme a dit…

How came that Henry Brocard started to collect such a things? When did it happens? And where is this collection kept for today? How big it is? Is there an items catalugue or something like that available whereever?

Oh... Too much questions, isn't it? ;)

But it seems you are the only source of such an information :)

Multifuncional a dit…

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Anonyme a dit…

Hello Bertrand,
First - my apologies for simply posting this question in the blog!I am a researcher in the United States working with a professor who is writing a history about the perfume and beauty industry. We are very interested in your ancestors' company, Brocard, and have found financial materials about the company from the pre-1917period at public and private archives in France. But, so far, we have only found images of Brocard ads on the internet. Would you be able to help us figure out how we might secure permission to publish a few of the older Brocard advertisements in the book? I do not know if your family still has the rights to this older material, but if you do or know how we could obtain such permission, we would be very grateful!
My name is Oona Ceder, and the professor I work with is Geoffrey Jones. We are at the Harvard Business School in Boston, and you can reach me at
Many thanks,

Bertrand a dit…

@ Skepsys
Hello. In fact Henry Brocard was collecting first flemish paintings. And also a large family of old artefacts, objects, coming from the past.
We identied about 3 000 old paintaings and about 5 000 objects, as embrioderies...

By the way, during the Russsian revolution, the collection was nationalized by the communists without respecting the ownership of this french man.

Today the family has few memories of the past. And we are happy to share them.

Bertrand a dit…

@ Oona
Thanks for your mail. I will discuss it with the family, and will give you a response by mail.
Best regards,


Anonyme a dit…

Merci pour cette information interessante