jeudi 6 mars 2008

The Brocard's windmill in Moscow about 1890

© Family Brocard & Roure

The Brocard family in Mosow about 1890, with at the center Henri and Charlotte Brocard, founders of the Brocard industry and great inventor of Perfume in the Russian Empire.
We can also recognize Eugénie Brocard and Georges Félix Ferrand, who were also working into the company. Eugénie tried after the Russian revolution to relaunch the Brocard perfume industry in France at Saint Brice la Forêt, but a terrible fire destroyed their dreams.

Their daughter Henriette Ferrand is also visible closed to her father. Henriette will be married to Jean Roure in France, who will inherit a part of the Roure perfume industry in essential oils and absoluts.

Others members of the Family are gathered on the picture as Auguste Ferrand and his wife, the related Giraud family, and other Brocard's children as Alexandre and Emile who will work in the perfume industry. Alexandre, especially will continue to ensure the direction of the company after the Russian revolution until 1920 or 1922.
Three wet-nurse are also on the photography with the younger members of the family. You can recognize them with something which is looking like a diadem on their hairs.

This windmill, probably only decorative was at the end of the Brocard property in Moscow, closed to the plant.

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