lundi 14 janvier 2008

Happy new year with a nice Russian Art deco picture

A nice invitation from the old Russia looks like a print version of the Art Deco period. But regarding the year 1903, we need probably to connect it more to the Art Nouveau time.
I like the design of it, the marvelous architecture of the house behind, as the police used with a nice mix of grey, silver, green and brown.

Even if I am not re-opening the blog now, I would like to seize the opportunity to wish you an happy new year, inviting you to have a look on my another blog about some collections and especially in the last posts about some "aquarelles" from the conquest of Algeria in 1830.

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Anonyme a dit…


Thanks for your blog. It is a delight.

I'm actually looking for any information about influence of Brocard's products on traditional embriodery in the Russian empire in the XIX-XX centuries, especially in Western provinces (modern Belarus and Ukrain).

History of the brand in those regions, ways of distribution, examples and photos of wrappings with embriodery schemes, genesis of idea itself and of patterns used on packages and inserts are the most interesting things. I will be also very greateful for any referencies to researches of the subject: articles, books, weblinks etc.

The point is, that we got a lot of examples of so called "brokard's ornamental patterns" on a traditional towels, shirts, aprons made at end of XIX - begining of XX centuries. And that patterns have almost displaced earlier tradtional ornamentation in a few decades. So, we have a result of Broacard's impact. What we need is a good view from other side. Just to track that amazing proccess starting from sources. It is important to understand, what in traditional patterns was actually adopted from parfume packaging and what was originally existed long before that time.

I do hope you could help.

From my part I can provide information about traditional embriodery in Belarus and of course coming results of this investigation.

Looking forward to get your answer soon. Thank you.
Eugene Baryshnikov
Maintainer of LJ-community "Ethnography of Belarus".

Bertrand a dit…

Hello Skepsys,

Thanks for your comment. Your post is really interesting. I was ignoring this impact of Brocard on embriodery. I will search more informations about but probably I will not be able to satisfy your curiosity.

Probably I can find other old russian embriodery from the Brocard period or old paper with models.

I will keep you inform. Congratulations for your fantastic blog.

Best regards,