samedi 8 décembre 2007

Antiquities market on the Red Place in Moscow about 1880

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Henry Brocard, great collector at this time, before 1900, was searching on the Russian market antiquities. It was a great period for that. The young aristocrats were inheriting their parents a lot of old objects coming from centuries of collecting. But as the time was difficult and not so stable, some of them were deciding to sell those marvelous testimonies of the past.

Henry, using a part of his fortune generated by the perfume industry, was buying in the whole perimeter of the Russia Empire, some traders helping him to identify what was interesting.

He was also walking on the market in the "red place" in Moscow. This nice picture probably about 1880, is emphasing the ambiance there and the opportunity to collect exiting objects from the Russian tradition or famous old painters. One legend in the family is stressing that Henry found a painting of Dürer in this market. I am dreaming about such a discovery like this...

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Octavian Coifan a dit…

Fabulous... I'm curious were are all those objects now.
Did you go to the Divinessence salon this weekend? I saw some Brocard labels there. I didn't know that there was also a Brocard fragrance business in Poland (Warsaw).

Bertrand a dit…

Hello Octavian,

No I did not. Unfortunately not in Paris this week-end. That's a pity, especially if some bottles of the family were visible there.

In fact. Brocard moved to Poland just after the Russian Revolution in order to try to continue the business. But it was not a success.
Than they moved to France in St Brice la Forêt, without more chance. And it was the end of the story.

Thanks for the visit.
Best regards,

Octavian Coifan a dit…

I saw about ... 4 or 5 different labels from Brocard Poland ...floral perfumes, most of all.