lundi 1 octobre 2007

Hermitage : recognition of the importance of the Brocard Collection

More than one month without news. Oups... Coming back from holidays, I tried to maintain my main blog on "collection" and aboriginal art without forgetting the Blog of Brocard.

One member of my family mentioned during the summer some recognition of the role of Henri Brocard, as art collector during the XIXe century, incredibly in the Hermitage Museum magazine:

"The magazine section "Collection" presents the once celebrated Moscow museum of Henri Brocard (Genrikh Brokar). It so happened that one of the main Moscow attractions of the 1890s has gone without serious study both during the life of its creator and after his death. However, the collector's contemporaries had an inkling about the value of the collection of the French perfume maker, which numbered many thousands of items."

Reading it makes me enthousiast as you can imagine even if the whole collection was nationalized during the Russian revolution.
At the same time another extract from the St Petersburg Times was commenting this column. I am copying them in order to keep a track on this for the future :

"The -Collection- section will present you a once famous Henry Brocard’s museum in Moscow. One of the most remarkable Moscow sightseeings of 1890ies happened not to be honored with a profound study both when its founder was alive and after his death. However, contemporaries of the collector suspected the great value of a many-thousands collection of the French perfumer".

I did not have the chance to receive a copy of this document. A PDF version or on paper will be a dream.

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