lundi 8 octobre 2007

Art deco perfume bottle with special glass

I collected this bottle 20 years ago. The shape looks like an "art déco" design. The material used is a strange creamy green glass, called "pâte de verre" in French. Without doubs it was a container for precious fragrance, without any exposition to light to protect it. The 4 gold stars with some perspectives can symbolized or emphasized the name of this perfume.
Another mystery. Do you have any idea ?

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Dmitri aka Flacon007 a dit…

Hello, nice to see new posts in your blog. You've recently placed three old flacons, of which the first and the third were, in my opinion, definitely decorative bottles, sold separately or as part of some vanity sets. The second was a commercial one, I guess, but form and design are not obligatory a sign for a good content, as you know. Let me name AVON for example: they produced a lot of nice and uncommonly shaped flacons, but the content was always the same - mainstream and cheap.
But if I find a mention or picture or even an ad for these bottles I will tell you about it :)