lundi 22 octobre 2007

A Brocard advertsing in St Petersburg

What a surprise this evening, searching some references on the web about Brocard. I discovered this nice advertising from the company dated from 1896. That's really strange the number of references we have from that year. Catalogs of perfumes, other advertizings... Whitout doubt it was a golden time.

This picture was taken by G@lia3's and inserted on the website Flickr. It looks like a panel in the street, probably in St Petersburg. But that's really an issue for me. One century after, how can we find a treasury like this today ? Another mystery I am capturating on this blog for further investigations.

vendredi 19 octobre 2007

Brocard : Eau de Cologne Impériale (in 1897)

A nice exemple of advertizing from the old time, about the nice "Eau de Cologne Impériale" from Brocard. I don't know how the bottle was created ? Is it a thermoform bottle with a complex design, or the label with a nice image of that period. I like it. Even if the humidity has impacted the paper with large brown areas.

Whan I am thinking about the millions of bottles prepared for Brocard each year. Imagine there were more than 10 millions of bottles in 1914, it is strange to have few on the market today.

What was the formula of this nice fragrance ?
A nice memory without more details ?

© Family Brocard.

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mardi 9 octobre 2007

Salon moscovite en 1914 : famille Brocard-Ferrand

© Family Brocard.
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Photo sur plaque de verre en 1914 à Moscou. Un salon d'appartement saisi par l'autochrome. Procédé inventé par les frères Lumières en 1903, puis ensuite commercialisé vers 1907.

Le rétro-éclairage de la plaque de verre donne de la profondeur à la pièce. Les couleurs vibrants sur la tonalité sépia posent l'époque. La disposition des objets dénote une certaine recherche dans la composition.
Des meubles en bois finement travaillés dans l'esprit des datchas. Des étoffes en soie cousues de fils d'or et d'argent au XVIIIe siècle. Une frise brodée en laine cerclant la pièce comme les coussins suggère les yourtes plus à l'est. Quelques estampes japonaises figurent les seuls visages du lieu. Deux plantes introduisent des courbes et cassent les lignes de fuite induites par les tapis.

Cette photo m'a inspiré un temps pour la décoration d'un appartement. Etoffes anciennes, gravures répondaient ainsi aux temps précédents. Touches de couleur. Chaleur des matières. Subtilité des effets de lumière. Impressions fugaces de la belle époque. Pérénnité des tissus soulignant des cultures éteintes.

Certains des objets sur cette photo ont traversé le temps, sauvés avant la Révolution Russe. Les deux petits tabourets en bois finement ouvragés sont aujourd'hui chez une de mes tantes. J'avais eu l'occasion de voir la frise présente sur le mur dans une ancienne maison de la famille, enveloppé de papiers des années 50.

Pour la petite histoire, ces étoffes et souvenirs venaient pour une grande partie de la collection d'Henri Brocard. Sa fille Eugénie, épouse de Georges Ferrand habitaient dans cet appartement juste avant la Révolution.

lundi 8 octobre 2007

Art deco perfume bottle with special glass

I collected this bottle 20 years ago. The shape looks like an "art déco" design. The material used is a strange creamy green glass, called "pâte de verre" in French. Without doubs it was a container for precious fragrance, without any exposition to light to protect it. The 4 gold stars with some perspectives can symbolized or emphasized the name of this perfume.
Another mystery. Do you have any idea ?

dimanche 7 octobre 2007

A precious fragrance as in a jewel

I was impressed by the small size of this bottle for perfume. About 3.5 cm. It looks like a jewel for a very precious fragrance. If you observe the surface of it, you can see a sophisticated shape like a diamond.I succeed 5 years ago to open it. At the base inside, a rest of substance is particularly vivid and without doubts a rest of extract. This is old but still present. But I have some difficulties to connect it to any current perfume. Probably a fragrance for woman, sweet, elaborated, maybe closed to a perfume in the Shalimar family.

Do you recognize this bottle ? Is there any connection to an existing perfume industry ?

mercredi 3 octobre 2007

Unique bottle for first days of a perfume ?

This is still a question for me. About 20 years ago, I was collecting this bottle with a nice design, probably "art nouveau" for the paintings of the birds but not for the rest of the body which is much more classical. The cristal itself is very fine but the use of the bottle was first for me a mystery.

After some searches today, it seems to be connected to the perfume industry. Maybe from the Roure or Brocard perfume industry linked to the family. The usage of this bootle was probably to store some perfume extract after their creation, to be presented to the customers. Somewhere a precious and jewel box for the first days of a perfume...

A potential hypothesis for me... If you have some confirmations it would be interesting ?
Thanks for your feed-back.

mardi 2 octobre 2007

Formula for a perfume : Taïmyr extract

I was collecting months ago some stickers from the old Brocard perfume industry. One was about the famous perfume Taïmyr. By chance it was also corresponding to the formula of Taïmyr coming from the archive of my family.

A great chance, one century ago to ensure the correspondance in between this sticker and the perfume formula. I modify just the percentage of ingredients in in order to keep some confidentiality. But as reader you can dream about those old fragrances.

Essence of Patchouli, Sophora, Bergamot...
Vanilline... Musk K.
Rose from the great Roure Bertrand Fils perfume industry.
Extract of fleur d'oranger, tubéreuse, jasmin...
Infusion of Musk tonkin, Castoreum...

It would be great to re-invent it.

lundi 1 octobre 2007

Art Nouveau advertising : Brocard perfume company

© Family Brocard.
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This is an advertising page from the Brocard perfume company end of the XIXe century.
I really like the way the letters are printed closed to the "Art Nouveau" period. All packaging on the page are giving an idea of the large diversity & creativity of the Brocard offer on the market. I will make some search about them as some packages can be recognized.

The paper has some minor damages, and probably suffered from humidity in the past. Easy to imagine one century after and considering the different events as the Russian revolution.

Hermitage : recognition of the importance of the Brocard Collection

More than one month without news. Oups... Coming back from holidays, I tried to maintain my main blog on "collection" and aboriginal art without forgetting the Blog of Brocard.

One member of my family mentioned during the summer some recognition of the role of Henri Brocard, as art collector during the XIXe century, incredibly in the Hermitage Museum magazine:

"The magazine section "Collection" presents the once celebrated Moscow museum of Henri Brocard (Genrikh Brokar). It so happened that one of the main Moscow attractions of the 1890s has gone without serious study both during the life of its creator and after his death. However, the collector's contemporaries had an inkling about the value of the collection of the French perfume maker, which numbered many thousands of items."

Reading it makes me enthousiast as you can imagine even if the whole collection was nationalized during the Russian revolution.
At the same time another extract from the St Petersburg Times was commenting this column. I am copying them in order to keep a track on this for the future :

"The -Collection- section will present you a once famous Henry Brocard’s museum in Moscow. One of the most remarkable Moscow sightseeings of 1890ies happened not to be honored with a profound study both when its founder was alive and after his death. However, contemporaries of the collector suspected the great value of a many-thousands collection of the French perfumer".

I did not have the chance to receive a copy of this document. A PDF version or on paper will be a dream.