mardi 24 avril 2007

The soaps of Brocard : Mai Embaumé

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I was collecting this nice soap "Mai Embaumé" from the Brocard Company in Paris. So probably after 1917 and the Russian Revolution, when the society is trying to continue in France.

In the catalog of the company in 1896, they are dealing about different soaps related to the month of May as "Mai Fleuri" with a lot of declinaisons as floral perfumes extract, toilet powder as preparation for the skin, scents bags or floral eau de cologne. But there are no reference to "Mai Embaumé". Is it the same formula as "Mai Fleuri" with a more trendy name for the french market or a new creation?

The "Mai Fleuri" soap was containing different components as Azelia, Heliotropine, Orchidée, Muguet, Dalia...
You can also notice the mark of the company printed on the soap itself in Russian even if the soap was distributed in France.

Soaps were the real symbols of the begining of the Brocard's adventure in Russia. An inventive way recognized in the whole Empire, before the development of perfumes.

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