jeudi 12 avril 2007

Brocard (Брокар) : Innovations & Marketing for the soap

Version Française ci-dessous... Today, the majority of the visitors on the blog were coming from Russia. Thanks to all for your interest. I know you have some difficulties to translate the content provided in French, so I will try to offer one text a week in two languages : French & English. I hope it will help you.
Thanks to the history of the family, I used to learn during 6 months Russian, but unfortunately, I have forgotten all the basics. It could be a project for the future.

Well I would like to share with you this original old paper, with a nice Russian design from the begining of the XIXe century. Patterns like this one were inserted in the package of the soap distributed by the Brocard company. Probably a marketing tips to speak to the mothers, as at the same time Brocard was also creating links with children thanks to their soap using the form of letters.

Charlotte Raway, wife of Henry Brocard, was awared about the Russian culture, especially by her parents who were living in Moscou one generation before. Her family was coming from Belgium and the nice city Spa, which is the symbol today of therms in the world.

An exiting study could be the analysis of Charlotte Brocard's contributions to the marketing innovations of the Brocard's firm. If you have specific informations about this do not hesitate to share, as everything related to the history of Brocard.

Version française

Comme aujourd'hui la majorité des visiteurs du site viennent de Russie, et qu'ils ont quelques difficultés à comprendre le texte en français, je vais essayer de fournir des textes en anglais pour faciliter leur lecture et les échanges, sur la base d'une nouvelle par semaine.

La photo ci-jointe est un beau symbole des innovations marketing de la firme Brocard. Dans chaque emballage de savon se trouvait des modèles de broderies dans la grande tradition russe. Une façon sans doute habile de communiquer avec les maîtresses de maison, alors que Brocard en parallèle distribuait des savons en forme de lettre pour séduire les enfants et faire oeuvre de pédagogie.

Ces approches nouvelles de promotion furent probalement suggérées par Charlotte Brocard née Raway. Sa famille étant à Moscou depuis déjà une ou deux générations, elle était nettement sensibilisée à la culture Russe.

Une étude mériterait d'être menée sur le rôle que joua Charlotte Brocard dans les innovations marketing de la firme. Si vous disposez d'informations à ce sujet, n'hésitez pas à les partager.

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Anonyme a dit…

Hello, Bertrand!

Thank you for an interesting post. I've got some Brocard ads with cross stitch patterns too.

But first let me show you two photos of a beautiful Brocard eau de cologne bottle:

Its name is "Lilas Merveille" and it's dated 1864.

Best regards,
Dmitri aka Flacon007

Anonyme a dit…

Hello Dmitri,

What a nice picture. I knwon this perfume as extract or "eau de cologne". I will try to have a look if possible about the main components of it.

Regarding the date, it was probably one of the first perfume from the Brocard industry ?

However, I think this date mentionned on the bottle is more related to the creation of the Brocard firm in Moscow.

Thanks for the information. I will be pleased to promote this bottle much more in evidence on the blog with some comments.

Best regards,