vendredi 13 avril 2007

Brocard (Брокар) : creation of Lilas Merveille perfume

Thanks to Dmitri (Blog Flacon007) who send me this picture today. It is related to the nice Eau de Cologne "Lilas Merveille" from the Brocard Company.

With this nice design and form, the bottle is stressing the novel art, valorizing at the same time the spirit of the flowers developped inside. The bottle and the composition were invented and produced in Russia, in the firm of Moscow, probably late in the XIXe century, but before the died of Henri Brocard in 1900.

I was checking the visibility of this perfume in the Brocard catalog in 1896. At the end of the book, the creation "Lilas Merveille" extract is appearing, as the latest novelties with the key reference 1303 for the simple packaging, 1469 for Lilas Merveille in boxes, 1541 for the perfume within a silk-box.

Under the floral Eau de Cologne, "Lilas merveille" has the reference 932.

The memory of this old composition had probably disappeared. Maybe some components of the formulas could help some noses to imagine it as 100 years ago.

"Lilas Merveille" contains Essence of Ylang Bourbon, Aubepine, Jacinthe, Phyxia, Terpineol, Essence de Lilas, Heliotropine, Civette, Iris, extract of Jasmin... and some Orange flowers... for the most significant components.
A clear invitation to dream !

I would like to gather on this blog the informations related to the Brocard company and the memory of Henri Brocard, in order to share them with a larger audience. If you have some stories, pictures, feel free to react.

J'ajouterai prochainement la traduction française.

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Anonyme a dit…

Hello Bertrand,

it would be very interesting to know, how "essences" and "extracts" were obtained at that time.
I guess they were all different from modern aroma materials available on the market today.
Do you have note about it in your family's archive?

Dmitri aka Flacon007

Bertrand a dit…

Hello Dmitri,

Thanks for your message and the nice pictures.

Are you speaking about the materials which are composing the perfumes, or the perfume itself ?

In fact the archive of Brocard are a little bit disseminated in Europe in different parts of the family. But I will have probably the chance to consult them soon again.

If you are speaking about the materials. It is right. Some components as "Musk of Sibérie" are not existing anymore (it seems), but it was a base for some Brocard's perfumes.

That's why in 1920-1930, the nose in the family (in France) replaced it by new components.

It is only a simple exemple. But it could be interesting to investigate more the subject. At that time, a part of the components were coming from the Roure industry in Grasse, especially for the Roses, or other extracts.

They were probably prepared in Grasse with the nice flowers, via the traditional "Enfleurage à froid". I have a small bootle of essence of rose (Roure) from that time which is still incredible.

Best regards,

Lenkinap a dit…

Hello Bertrand,

The musk of Siberia (sometimes described as Russian Musk, Musk of Tartarie or musk Kabardin) was indeed completely different from the musk Tonkin. Its use was very current in Russia and Germany,in both perfumery and medicine. Its power compared with the Tonkin Musk was three or four times lower than the latter.

Daria a dit… Brocard image - fabrique the most lovely bouquet of the empress 1913